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Cabal 2: A Difference on Dungeons

In most games, dungeons are group-based areas where it requires a party in order to accomplish anything. The enemies within are more difficult than normal, and the bosses pose a great challenge if you’re under-equipped or just don’t have the right party setup. With Cabal 2, however, the dungeons take a different approach to this, offering up a bit of choice.

Exploring Frostrock Forest

Frostrock Forest is the first dungeon that opens up in Cabal 2, giving it a pretty solid footing in the “learning” side of things. It’s accessed somewhat early in the game, and has a quest that pushes you to it, so it’s fairly difficult to miss. But what’s inside is a bit different than expected.

To start off, to queue for a dungeon group requires three players. You can, however, enter the dungeon manually – even if you’re solo and not in a group. While this would be enough to push a lot of players away, due to not finding a group in a queue, it became a “let’s just see” moment. Entering solo would lead to a very difficult experience, if it was even possible to progress to the first boss.

Normal Mobs

The mobs within the dungeon all came out to be normal. So normal, in fact, that they were the equivalent of the ones just outside the dungeon (arguably, they were actually easier to kill). Match this up with the more spread out nature of them, and getting around was pretty easy. To make things easier, you can even skip as many as you wish – if you can find a way around them, that is. Essentially, this allows for cutting down the dungeon time to half or less of the “normal” time it would take to complete. Just follow a wall and fight off the aggressive mobs a couple at a time as needed.

In a sense, this proved to be much easier than the enemies outside the dungeon, because the outside ones are much more compact and easy to accidentally over-pull. So figuring out how to get through the dungeon was fairly easy.

X Marks the Spot

If you’re skipping enemies, how do you know where the bosses are? Pretty easy. First of all, they look vastly different from the normal ones, both physically and in terms of their names (the bosses are all “named” mobs, meaning they don’t share generic ones like the rest). They’re bigger, different animals, or different colors, so they all stand out fairly well. Along with this, the map itself shows where all of the bosses are, so you can just make your way from one X to the next, knocking out the bosses (and any stragglers that happened to follow you). Fast, painless, and easy to get around, and you don’t have to worry about killing everything just to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

In Come the Bosses

Despite the normal difficulty of bosses in games, these were fairly easy as well. In fact, all but the final one were normal enemies, just with enhanced health (a little under 2x that of the normal enemies, so nothing special). This made them just as easy to kill, and no threats were posed at all during the battles. In fact, it was so easy that it led to the idea that they might not be bosses after all, but their drops did confirm that they are, in fact, bosses (they drop some nice weapons and armor).

Plowing Through

At least in the case of Frostrock Forest, you can clear the entire dungeon within about 5 minutes if you want. Just go in, hug the wall and fight only what you have to, kill and loot the bosses (in most cases you don’t even have to worry about any enemies near the bosses, because they aren’t social), and you’ll be done in no time. This makes it extremely simple to clear out achievements, like “Quickly Clear Frostrock Forest,” because it’s in no way contingent upon killing everything inside.

If you have worries about missing drops, don’t. The normal enemies within are just like outside, so you can just as easily farm outside the dungeon. Though if you are going in solely to do some farming, it is a bit easier, just because there’s no competition and you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed on accident. You do, however, have to watch out for patrols, as there are quite a few and it’s easy to accidentally pull one when you’re not wanting to.

Repeatable for Farming

If you need some new armor or a weapon and you want to hit up the dungeon, you can basically farm it. Complete it, enter, and keep running it as much as needed. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes much faster to finish, which also means it yields a higher amount of reward for less really is a great alternative to the normal grind and competing for mobs with others.

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