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Cabal 2 – Patch 2.0 Chapter 1: The Final Chapter

Cabal 2 is now in Open Beta for three months and finally Patch 2.0 was released. If you start scratching your head as you wonder how a game that is not even officially released can get a 2.0 update… trust me my friend – you are not the only one asking that question but if you learn one thing by playing Cabal 2 it is the following:

“With ESTsoft as publisher never expect anything but expect the unexpected!”

Regardless of what version this update is called, their latest Patch Capter 1: The Final… Ruins of the Gods was the last chance for ESTsoft to stop the escape of their already heavily dwindling player base. This leaves one question: “Did they succeed?”

What happened until now?

To answer this question let us first take a look at the things that went wrong in the past:

Since the game entered Open Beta ESTsoft was not communication with their player base. They never posted thought processes behind their decisions nor they were explaining their changes to the community. Until now they never posted a featured Patch Notes on any of their patches, in addition there is not a single of their preview snippets that did not state wrong information. Simply said – they do even knew their own patches.

The best example for their missing knowledge was their “first major Content Patch” featuring the Monster Arena and the PvP Arena. Prior to that patch they changed the loot system to where high level players could not drop any items Cheapest Cabal 2 Alz from low level monster, they drastically reduced the damage high level players could inflict on low level monsters and they changed the daily login bonus so that it reset every time you hit 7 days in a row.

On the day of the patch – all those changes were reverted to the original korean version settings and they had to reapply their patch. However until today they forgot to reapply the damage reduction and the Reset of the daily bonus.

Another thing you are never allowed to forget was their huge impacting change on equipment binding. While Cabal 2 is your holy trinity featuring MMO the loot of this game is a more diablo-stylish system that includes fully random stats on items. Due to this fact it is really hard to get items you want – which motivates players to run dungeons and to trade with other people as all of the equipment was supposed to be Bind on Equip. However without any reasons given to the community they changed the all endgame items to Bind on Pickup – completely removing the endgame trading from the game. After a few weeks ESTsoft explained they removed the trading of those items from the game as a countermeasure to Bots and Alz Seller: If people cannot buy anything of worth they will not buy Alz! Instead of doing something against the actual sellers or the bots they choose to punish the legit player base. What they did not tell was that this change also forced people to actually do the same dungeon over and over again forcing people to play the “fun and challenging” content.

Basically the “content” the two Lv40 dungeons they had were able to be cleared in two difficulties – Easy and Normal. The Easymode allowed players to clear the dungeon solo by increasing their stats multiple times. However the Easymode was dropping the exact same tier of items as the Normalmode and due to this ESTsoft soon decided to remove the Easymode from the game – of course without telling any reasons. “Psst rumors say that they removed the Easymode so people needed more time to get their equipment as that was the only content the game had!” However even with the removal of the Easymode the Dungeons were way to easy – basically everybody who hit the level cap could simple brain AFK the two endgame challenges. As a result the dungeons were buffed Cheapest Cabal II Alz by simply increasing the damage output of those dungeons turning the already meaningless tank&spank encounter into a gear check. *caught* Not that they were told that the content is way too easy in CBT as non equipped people without any experience cleared those dungeons with ease…

The next major flaw, Cabal 2 is fighting against since the Open Beta: Bots and Spammers. As they game was released into Open Beta, for more than a week, it was impossible to use any kind of chat. The Alz Sellers were spamming them so fast that it was impossible to read any kind of player message, blocking them was no option as they just created a new character a few seconds later. After ESTsoft finally managed to get rid of most of the spammers from the chats the bots used their own Cashshop against them by using “Megaphones” which could not only be bought from the Shop but from players as well. Those “Megaphones” allowed people to write a serverwide announcement that would pop up in every chat window regardless of the settings. I think you can imagine what happened. ESTsoft next countermeasure? They forbid the trade of close to every item from their Cashshop. After that they spammers just went to their regular whisper and ingame mail spam which exists until today.

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