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We offer the safe and cheap Cabal 2 Alz, Items and PowerLeveling for Cabal 2 online. And the Cabal 2 news and guides to server you leveling and farm cabal2 alz and equipment fast. Beside, the live chat service to help you solve your cabal 2 problems.

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We accept various payments for Cabal II Alz online, such as PayPal, Vista, etc. There are many popular payment methods we support to easy place an order in here.

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After you registered and became a member at store, you can enjoy the more Cabal 2 discount coupon and bonus before purchasing your cabal orders, and you will be kept updated when we have further member activities for you.

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We can deliver your order in 15 min,we accept paypal,moneybookers,credit card and many other payment methods.

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we are sure it is 100% safe,all alz farmed by hand,you will never get banned,if you got banned,we guarantee full refund.
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Can i ask refund if you dont deliver?

Money-back Refunds can be made as long as the order is cancelled before the goods arrive.
Most reimursements will take up to 12-24 hours to be processed.

What is cabal 2 alz?

Cabal 2 alz is a currency in cabal 2 online,you can use alz to buy items armor equipment from the game,you can also use alz to level fast,if you have a lot of alz,you can become strongest in this game.

How to get cabal 2 alz by crafting system?

Cabal 2 alz is very hard to farm in cabal 2,you need have high crafting level to craft valueable items,and sell items to other players for money.i will going to show to how to use crafting skills to farm gold quickly.
there are many crafting options in cabal 2 , every crafting professions are different to each other,the crafting system in cabal 2 is really funny,this system contains two systems,the crafting professions and the gathering order to get the systems you need reach level 10 and do some quests.i would suggest choose the right gather skills with the crafting professions . if you dont choose the right gather skills,you will need buy the items from auction house,it is really need use a lot of cabal 2 alz to buy items. if you dont have enough cabal 2 alz ,you need make another character to make a new skill.
There are 4 crafting professions:
1) Alchemy - Crafts potions, scrolls, teleport stones and other useful consumables. This is currently the most popular profession, as consumables are very expensive off the NPC’s, so it’s always useful.
2) Armorsmithing - Crafts heavy armor and weapons for WA/FS.
3) Leatherworking - Crafts battle/medium armor and weapons for FB/FA.
4) Tailoring - Crafts martial/light armor and weapons for WI/PR.

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